Image of STEEL CHOMPER \\ unsisex 3xl, unisex 5xl

STEEL CHOMPER \\ unsisex 3xl, unisex 5xl

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  • 3xl - $350.00
  • 5xl - $350.00
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Color block athletic mesh full body CHOMPER >>say "what?" with cylindrical fit body, drop crotch, rainwear seat and shoulder zipper. Model is wearing the unisex 5XL Chomper. Also available with foam colored athletic mesh, see picture 5.

The Chomper is an unisex hybrid-evolution of the romper. With wide arm and neck holes for layering this is coverall >(meets tank top)< meets drop crotch pant. Introducing a completely new garment developed in fall 2013, RHLS your leader in this new era of outfit ease.

Shoulder zipper allows for easy entry/exit.
Rainwear on seat = sit anywear wet dry or dirty, rainwear is the ultimate repellant.
Side pockets out of navy or foam cotton
Utility pocket organizer with zippers 2hold smartphone, wallet, keys >> carabiner + nylon cord

*Upgrade* for $420 FOAM Chomper comes with a monochrome under chomper. Made from sweatshirt fleece or Cotton. Monochrome chomper is from our basic streetwear label FONY and is $168 when sold separately. >> more about Fony at <<

5XL fits all people 5 foot 6 inches to 6 foot 5 inches.
3XL fits all people 4 foot 10 inches to 5 foot 6 inches.

FOAM [fōm]
Inspired by the pallet of a hardware store, FOAM embarks on the possibilities of combining the neon pastels of styrofoam siding, electrical wire, insulation, sheetrock, and mop into a tight selection of modular over sized bodies and spandex wear.

RHLS uses pieced-work technique. Rather than silk screen or sublimation print the Foam arrangement appears by combining multiple cut and sewn panels. The result is a graphic that will not fade with washing and maintains its luster. The highest quality construction FOAM garments are made with pride in Brooklyn NY.